Unreal Engine Hack-a-Thon

Volterra-Detroit Foundation Hackathon

The Volterra-Detroit Foundation is hosting a hackathon to preserve the historic data of Volterra, Italy. The foundation has been working for the last 5 years to scan and document the historic place of Volterra and now wants to move the historic digital assets into the Unreal real time game engine. Data provided will include digital reconstructions that will facilitate time travel back to the 1st century BC.

Hackathon will take place virtually April 5th – 15th, with the winners announced on the 16th. The hackathon will have three prize tiers totaling 2000 USD.

The foundation is made up of world class technologists who are thought leaders with BIM, LiDAR scanning, model building and CAD; along with historians who have been studying this site for decades. A small team has organized the data that’s been collected so far for you, the world, to take a peak and see how you could package the experience in VR.

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