About Research @ Volterra-Detroit Foundation Short Description

Research @ Volterra-Detroit Foundation started with, and is primarily the result of the efforts from the International Reality Capture Workshops which are orchestrated by the Volterra-Detroit Foundation, Case Technologies, Inc. and Autodesk.  Since 2016, we have conducted yearly workshops out of the Volterra International Residential College and anticipate continuing the workshops to support ongoing research efforts into the future.  Please contact Mark Dietrick if you would be interested in joining the team.

International Reality Capture Workshop

Digital Technology in service of Historical Research and Preservation 

The city of Volterra contains some of the most important historical monuments in Italy dating back over 3000 years.  Since 2016, this ongoing project is digitally reconstructing and preserving the historically significant architectural, archaeological and artistic treasures of the ancient city and other significant sites in Italy.

This project provides an international educational experience in which participants learn to use innovative reality capture and virtual reality technologies to collaboratively produce three dimensional computer models of the ancient City of Volterra, its archaeological remains and some of its treasured artwork.  The workshops provide the participants hands-on experience in using drones and cameras through photogrammetric technologies, and laser scanners to capture the city and some of its treasured artworks into digital models which are experienced through virtual reality and holographic systems.

In addition to having produced spectacular photo-realistic virtual replicas which may be used to share the experience of the city to anyone in the world and for the city to have precise documentation for potential future reconstruction, the data has been used for research on ancient architecture which has resulted in significant discoveries.

This project has become an innovative and unique interdisciplinary tool which has connected academia, historical preservation, and city administration along with industry professionals and corporate sponsors and is serving as the foundation for ongoing groundbreaking archaeological and architectural research.

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