2024 Workshop Home

We are thrilled to be coming back to Volterra with a full team for our next Digital Preservation Workshop which will take place from April 14-26, 2024!  As usual, we expect to have an amazing International team coming to participate in a unique educational experience in which they will learn to use innovative reality capture and virtual reality technologies to collaboratively produce three dimensional computer models of the ancient City of Volterra, its archaeological remains and some of its treasured artwork.  We have many intriguing sites and artefacts scheduled to be captured this year, and look forward to sharing our work with you.

Information and Registration

Please use the links to the left (below on mobile) to see our work as we produce it throughout the workshop.

Meet the Team
  Name Company From
Mark Dietrick Case Technologies, Inc. Pittsburgh, PA
Paul Aubin Paul F. Aubin Consulting Services Chicago, IL
  More Coming Soon